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Bellari 533 Studio Tube Multi-Processor

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Bellari 533 Studio Tube Multi-Processor

Сообщение EW1MM » 26 янв 2020, 22:22


Here's the Bellari RP533 Studio Tube Multi-Processor.
This unit is full of Magical Harmonics that just make your Audio turn into music.
It's just Unbelievable!!!
This units Exciter will enhance the Harmonix to a new Level of Existence,
while the Compressor section adds a new dimension of Soft Silkiness and Smoothness to the Audio Signature.
This unit also has its tubes rolled to 5751 Commands and has AD823AN Op Amps installed.

The RP533 uses all the powerful circuitry included in other popular Bellari rack-mounts, in a single channel unit.
Each process, except the preamp, can be individually bypassed.
The RP533 is ideal for vocals, instruments, or any application where signal preamplification
and dynamics processing is required, all with warm and inviting sounds.

Schematic diagram and other info:
(285.65 КБ) 54 скачивания
(143.62 КБ) 43 скачивания
BELLARI 533 diagram.rar
(42.33 КБ) 55 скачиваний

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